FreshWater Service Emden

Fast Freshwater Supply in the Port of Emden.

Our Services

We refuel ships with fresh drinking water. We prioritize and guarantee the highest quality of fresh water and provide efficient and prompt service.


We source our water directly from the Emder Stadtwerke.


The water delivery is done through hydrants at the docks using standpipes and hose connections. This approach allows us to quickly refuel the ships and ensures a prompt order processing. Regular inspections of the drinking water.


In addition to our own equipment inspections, the drinking water of Stadtwerke Emden GmbH is subject to regular inspections by the state health authority

Our equipment

The water supply is delivered to the docks through hydrants via standpipes and hose connections. We have standpipe meters and drinking water hoses with various couplings available.

regular inspections
of the drinking water

The drinking water is subject to regular inspections by the state health authorities. This enables us to meet the requirements of Stadtwerke Emden GmbH and the applicable standards and regulations of DIN and DVGW rules, ensuring high-quality standards according to hygienic requirements as follows: DVGW 270 KTW – A, DIN 2001-2, DVGW W408 and W409, DVGW W291, DVGW – VP- 549 / 550.

Who do we supply?

We primarily supply seafaring vessels with fresh drinking water. Additionally, we also refuel ships from the port industry with water, such as:

Container ships



Bulk carriers

Dredgers & suction ships

Offshore vessels


Here are our delivery points: